Granny’s Tokyo Adventure -Japanese bathrooms

I cannot not mention Japanese bathrooms. Anyone who knows me knows how much I love a good soak in the bath before bed. Showers are fine for washing your body and your hair but a relaxing bath is something else entirely, whether it be a quick 25 minute Epsom Salts bath, a relaxing aromatherapy bath with a book and a wee glass of something to sip or a soothing aromatherapy bath with the gentle glow of tealights and some music on headphones. In Japan I felt I had come to bathroom heaven.

The three separate rooms for bath, washhand basin and toilet (no more airborne particles on your toothbrush!). The bath water being kept at a constant temperature and the deeper and wider but also shorter baths (no more getting sleepy and slipping down into the water!). Then we have the washlet toilet (you can get them in the UK but, sadly, I don’t have one – yet!!) with its integrated bidet and hand washing basin and heated seat.

However, I will leave it to the delightful Aika to explain the finer details

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