Granny’s Tokyo Adventure -Day 14

The dreaded day has arrived. My last full day in Tokyo with Faye and we are both feeling sad so decided to have a fun day. Firstly my first trip on the monorail (robot train) out to Aomi Station at Odaiba to the Digital Art Museum for the Borderless exhibition.

View from the monorail on the way to Odaiba

Had a wonderful time here. Photos and videos don’t do justice to this amazing experience as could be witnessed by the sheer number of visitors and the scarcity of tickets. Lots of beautiful rooms, some mind blowing (psychedelic tripping without the LSD) and some downright scary/

Sunflowers galore.
Large colour changing inflatable things!
Reminds me of the lighting department in John Lewis!
Quite scary marching figures.
Fantastic flying birds video display
Granny rocking some sleeve tattoos before succumbing to the waves.

Back on the monorail .

View from monorail on the way back.

Then on to Ginza again for more Yakitori and Kamameshi at the wonderful Torigin restaurant. No point in visiting Japan and not trying sake. To be honest I had wanted more of the delicious plum wine and soda but it wasn’t on the menu so sake it was. The waiter brought a small red and black box into which he placed a glass and then proceeded to pour the sake into the glass from a bowl, overflowing the glass into the box (signifying the wealth and generosity of the restaurant). A bit tricky to drink without spilling but it tasted good.

Sake in a box.
More delicious yakitori.
Kamameshi pot before we opened it.

I think we ordered the same dishes as on our previous visit and they were equally delicious. Am assuming that the Ginko nuts are the same stuff that is supposed to improve the memory but, sadly, they don’t seem to be working for me. They must have some form of potency, or even toxicity, as it is recommended that no more than 8 be consumed in one sitting.

Dinner over we headed off home, only stopping on the way to admire this restaurant’s fine display of fish drying outside …

… and a café / restaurant complete with outdoor kotatsu.

When Faye first told me she had a kotatsu (basically a table with a heater underneath and a quilt over the heater but under the table top, I had a few sleepless nights worrying about the imminent danger this could cause. Now that I have actually spent time sitting on the floor with my legs and feet under the table being kept cosy (and checked that the heating element is covered and not likely to burn my legs), I am hooked. Unfortunately I never got round to taking a photo of the actual kotatsu. We were too busy being snug and cosy whilst chatting or watching Netflix and eating satsumas (a Japanese tradition – the oranges not the Netflix).

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