Granny’s Tokyo Adventure -Day 13

Late getting to bed last night so had a long lie this morning. Ended up having a walking day which was good as step count had dropped dramatically over the past couple of days. First stop was to take a photo of this lovely blossom tree in someone’s garden.

Next on to Komaba Park (one of the campuses of Tokyo University ) where Faye and Tom had their engagement party in 2016 at the start of cherry blossom season (Hanami).

Having a wander round and came across the very well preserved Maeda family’s Japanese style house which, luckily for us, was open to the public when we arrived though the first floor rooms only. These consisted of the drawing room and the adjoining room which together are as spacious as a 38.5 tatami mat room. The drawing room has an alcove (Tokonama), staggered shelves (chigaidana), a reading platform (tsukeshoin) and transom (ranma) with openwork and is really beautiful with an overwhelming sense of peace and calm.

From the corridor which runs around the house we had a good view of the Japanese garden outside

Next we were headed for Harajuku but stopped off on the way for a quick coffee at Bondi Coffee Sandwiches in Tomigaya where the waiter kindly gave us a wee plate of brownies “for Valentine’s Day”. This was a lovely small cafe with the usual baskets of cosy blankets to snuggle up in if required, a pitcher of free iced water and the “flower of the week” which this week was some kind of orchid. I especially liked the rustic recycling bins.

Love the wee seats.

The wee steamer beside the baskets was happily steaming away to counteract the dry atmosphere.

Next it was on to Harajuku , still on foot, to look at yet more fascinating wee alleys of shops and then a walk around the more upmarket part of Harajuku.

Cannot remember what it is called but this street is very popular with young girls and is where they can buy some of their more outrageous outfits.
A typical small drugstore where as much stuff as possible is crammed into a tiny space.
Am assuming fancy dress shop but we did see some pretty unusual outfits being worn on the street.

Finally, a leisurely stroll back to Shibuya and then our only bus ride of the day, stopping off at the supermarket for supplies for dinner.

Step count for the day 16,242 steps so we are back on track again.

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