Granny’s Tokyo Adventure -Day 10 (evening)

Tonight we ate out in Shimokitazawa at Shirube Izakaya Japanese restaurant. What an amazing experience from the minute we entered and took off our shoes to put in the shoe cupboard, sat on cushions on the floor (but with a hole below the table for our legs) and watched as the waiter blowtorched our mackerel at our table (with granny in charge of the lemon!!)

Izakaya is a type of informal Japanese pub, almost like tapas bars with sharing food and drinks. A very lively buzz to the place with guests ranging from couples on dates, big work nights out, family dinners and adventurous grannies from Skye!

Had to get this image off the internet as almost every seat in the place was taken when we arrived.
Our mackerel being blowtorched.

Cheese tofu with strawberries and crusty bread. Everything was amazing but this course was to die for!
Fried chicken (karaage) with a sweet and sour sauce with lotus root.
Such concentration!!
Faye enjoying the cheese tofu.
Ebi (prawns) with chilli sauce and an egg.
We had Oolong tea but a lot of people had sake in these lovely containers.
Granny collecting her boots from the shoe cupboard before heading home.
Full up, ready for a walk home and then bed.

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