Granny’s Tokyo Adventure -Day 10

Sunny but very cold start to the day. Lovely stroll along the Setagaya Path (formerly Faye’s running route, now her walking route) to look for the one of the two white birds who seem to have adopted the stream as their habitat and, hopefully, to spot some koi.

No idea what the statue is but it was very cute.
Think this is a Little Egret (Kosagi), of the Heron family.
Ladies’ Tresses island garden. Too early in the year yet but suspect will be beautiful if a new months.
Do not catch the fish.

Do not drink the water in the stream.
Unusual wee ornament of a frog petting a baby rabbit or perhaps it is mummy rabbit with her ears pinned back.
House we passed on the way back with the two guardian lion dogs.
Time for a rest (or a photo opportunity)
Bicycle with bucket, useful for many occasions!

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