Granny’s Tokyo Adventure -Day 8

Somewhat disappointed to wake up this morning to find no sign of the snow which had been forecast for today. Faye had a full day at work with an early start but her 12 o’clock client had to cancel so I made my way to Shibuya (out on my own for the first time since arriving) to meet her for lunch. We went to one of her favourite lunch places, a Thai restaurant just across from her office and, as with all her recommended eating places, I wasn’t disappointed. Faye’s shrimp with noodles and my chicken and aubergine curry with rice were lovely but the star of the show (and the reason Faye loves this place) was the amazing clear spicy soup they serve free of charge to everyone along with vegetable spring rolls. If I can get a recipe for this soup I will be making it everyday from now on.

Our main courses with the spicy soup which is amazing!
More baskets for bags under the seats.

After lunch Faye went back to work and I, armed with google maps in case I got lost, went exploring. Some fantastic wee shops up tiny side alleys here, especially the pharmacies, and beautiful huge department stores. Their food hall displays are a work of art and the assistants so eager to help. It’s a shame I was so full after lunch as I was offered so many tastes of deliciousness (mostly chocolate based) I had to start turning them down.

More mochi desserts
Chocolate deliciousness.

More sweet deliciousness

At around 3.30 it started snowing but with no sign of it lying. This revealed another Japanese custom I hadn’t been aware of until now as suddenly bins of long, thin plastic bags appeared at the entrances to shops and restaurants for people to pop their umbrellas in to prevent them dripping on the floor and creating a hazard. Am torn here by it being a sensible idea but creating more plastic waste.

At 5.30 I met up with Faye who had just finished work and we headed off on the train to Shinjuku and the Park Hyatt hotel. This is the hotel from the film, Lost in Translation, and it seems to be one of the “to do” things for tourists to go up to the New York grill bar on the 52nd floor for a drink and to admire the view of Tokyo from up high. Unfortunately, fog prevented us getting a really good photograph and granny was by this time looking a bit bedraggled having forgotten to carry a hairbrush but nevertheless the lighting was very atmospheric (dark) so no-one seemed to even notice (or were too polite to mention) and we spent a pleasant hour having a drink (gin and tonic for granny and mocktail for Faye) before heading home.

Granny’s on the gin again!
View from the 52nd floor
The Skye section of the whisky menu
The Peak Bar (on the 41st floor)

Just in case Donald is expecting me to arrive home looking like the Michelin Man after all this eating.

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