The one where granny takes a photo or two

The starting date for my forthcoming photography course is looming ever closer and I am starting to feel excited but also somewhat apprehensive at the thought of learning a new skill.  It’s a bit like that first day of a new school year but, instead of a pristine new pencil case crammed full of assorted pens and sharpened colouring pencils, I have my DSLR camera (so far I can only turn it on and off, point and shoot and hope for the best!), the very extensive camera manual (full of unfamiliar photography terms and puzzling diagrams), a couple of spare memory cards and a copy of the first suggested workbook to get me started.

Prior to the course starting there is an optional task to “make 30 photos” in 30 different categories.  Eager to get started I quickly “recycled” five of the photos on my iphone that fitted five of the easier categories.  We are allowed to use a camera phone for these photos as they are more about observation and spotting a good photo opportunity for each of the categories rather than the actual quality of the photos.  At least I hope that is the idea behind the task.  As I have said before, I am not a good photographer, being more of a Mrs Point and Shoot (with the hope that at least some of the intended target appears in the finished photo).  Having seen some of the photos from the other participants online I am amazed at the quality of them but am sure there are others out there, just like myself, starting from absolute scratch and I have at least set the ball rolling with the first few photos.

Photos in the various categories are as follows.

Fill the Frame with Colour

For this I recycled a photo taken a few weeks ago and I must admit that I have already cheated on two counts.  Firstly because it was not taken specifically to fit the category and, secondly, because the original didn’t quite “fill the frame” so had to be cropped a wee bit.  I have already decided that, other than a bit of essential cropping here and there, I will not edit any of the 30 photographs so, hopefully, as the course continues I will be able to see what (if any) progress I am making.  

Fill the Frame With Colour


This was taken last weekend and, though it could also come into the “fill the frame with colour” category I am using it in the “food “ category.  It was taken on my iphone last weekend and was the vegetable part of our roast dinner.  The only problem I had was that, not wanting to eat cold veg, I had to take the photo whilst it was still hot and had to keep stopping as the camera lens was filling up with steam and blurring the photo.  Again, I will probably keep this one.



I was spoilt for choice here with a plethora of patterns to choose from ranging from patterns in nature to tartan and paisley patterns.  The one I chose eventually was part of the lid of a  box containing, not surprisingly, a Celtic design brooch which, incidentally, has not been worn for years as it has a broken pin which I must remember to get fixed.  (Procrastination being my middle name, it will probably still be lying broken in the box ten years from now.)  I will probably keep this one too.


I must admit I am lucky to have an amazing view from my office, no matter the season or the weather.

Winter View
September view

I have no idea what was happening the day I took this one but it had a lovely ethereal look to it and I had originally thought I might use it

Misty Isle

As anyone who has ever been to Skye will know, it is not unusual to have four seasons in one day and the following photo (sadly not one of mine but taken by one of my daughters) is a good example of this so I may well change my mind over this category again.  Talking of “four seasons in one day” reminds me that I haven’t listened to Crowded House for ages so must remedy that before long. (Digression is yet another one of my middle names!)l

An hour in Skye

Within a day of this decision I happened to pop outside after a rain storm and spotted a bicycle covered in raindrops.  Not the best of photos (it is part of the handlebars but does show the raindrops) but at least I am starting to notice photo opportunities now.

Raindrops keep falling on my bike!


This very picturesque house belongs to one of our neighbours and has two enormous trees in the front garden.  

Glancing out of the bedroom window on Monday afternoon I happened to notice that the shadow of the sycamore tree was displayed across the front of the house.  Grabbing my phone I ran across and quickly fired off a couple of photos before returning home.  Ten minutes later the shadow was gone and the house looked as it usually does.  I regret now not taking more time composing this photograph and will keep any eye out for an opportunity to retake it but will most certainly keep this house as my contribution to the “shadows” category. 


When I read the category texture I thought sandy beach with that lovely rippled effect seen on wet sand.  Our local  beach, Coral Bay, is not actually coral but a type of white seaweed which looks like coral and amongst which it is possible, but unfortunately not by me, to find tiny cowrie shells.

Coral at Coral Bay
Coral Bay

All I need now is to find a good day when I am not working and hang around until I get a photo with the effect I want. Wish me luck!

Older than Me

I absolutely love this old house, or at least what remains of it which is really just the exterior walls and part of the roof.  I wanted to get the whole of the house in the frame but looking back at the photos, I now wonder if the shorter version of just part of the house looks better.


Walking past my brother in law’s house which is still under construction I immediately thought of stripes category though in fact the stripes are actually wood.  Not sure if I will keep this but it was just a thought.

This is the whole house, now at a further stage than in the photograph but still not complete.

House with a View


.This is another recycled photograph, looking back at the financial district from the Imperial Palace in Tokyo.  Although I love this photo (living in Skye we don’t have many skyscrapers!)

Financial District next to Imperial Palace, Tokyo

Lit by a Window

Can’t decide between these two.

It’s been really good thinking about what to choose for my 30 photographs. At the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter but it’s a good run up to the course. I now look forward to getting out and about at the weekend looking for photo opportunities which should be exciting as we have a forecast of snow on the way.  I am amazed that even though the course hasn’t started yet I have become far more observant and forever on the lookout for photo opportunities which is probably what the “make 30 photos” is meant to do.

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