Granny’s Tokyo Adventure -Day 10 (evening)

Tonight we ate out in Shimokitazawa at Shirube Izakaya Japanese restaurant. What an amazing experience from the minute we entered and took off our shoes to put in the shoe cupboard, sat on cushions on the floor (but with a hole below the table for our legs) and watched as the waiter blowtorched our mackerel … Continue reading Granny’s Tokyo Adventure -Day 10 (evening)

Granny’s Tokyo Adventure -Japanese bathrooms

I cannot not mention Japanese bathrooms. Anyone who knows me knows how much I love a good soak in the bath before bed. Showers are fine for washing your body and your hair but a relaxing bath is something else entirely, whether it be a quick 25 minute Epsom Salts bath, a relaxing aromatherapy bath … Continue reading Granny’s Tokyo Adventure -Japanese bathrooms